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  • We do have Inhouse Ultrasound Lab where we do patient's investigation at a affordable price. We use most advanced and versatile ultrasound diagnostics systems in Delhi & NCR which can be used for imaging virtually every body part.

  • Addition of Colour Doppler imaging to the ultrasound medical equipment have made them the diagnostics tool of choice for providing the most accurate results at our ultrasound clinic in Delhi & NCR.

  • Our ultrasound systems offer no side effects and do not use ionizing radiation for completely health safety in ultrasound imaging. We do have one of the best Ultrasound clinic located in Delhi & NCR. The Ultrasound diagnostics center is recognized as one of the best in Delhi & NCR. We provide below mentioned Ultrasound Services to our patients.

Sno Investigation
1 Whole Abdomen
2 KUB/Prostate
3 T.V.S Scan
4 Follicular Study
5 Obstetric Routine Pregnancy (Level – I)
6 Level - II
7 Obstetrical Doppler
8 Neo-natal Brain Scan
9 Opthalmic Scan
10 Glands Scan
11 Doppler Studies
12 Fetal Echo
13 Cardiac Echo
14 U/S Guided Procedures
15 T.M.T
16 Holter Monitoring
17 P.F.T