International Patients

  • Kukreja Hospital has established itself as a premier multi-speciality hospital in the country, with numerous firsts to its credit. Our outcomes are comparable with the best hospitals in the country. The combination of world class infrastructure, cutting edge technology & full time consultants from across the globe have enriched our position in the country and overseas.

  • Conveniently located in the capital of India - Delhi, Kukreja Hospital is in close proximity to Delhi's International Airport, the hospital is fast becoming the latest destination of choice for international patients from across the world. Kukreja Hospital also provides a wide range of exclusive services to the international patients, ensuring them of a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay. Rates will be charged as applicable to overseas patients. India, an international frontrunner in the healthcare sector, has emerged as the preferred destination for quality medical treatment attracting patients worldwide. Given this advantage, Kukreja Hospital has focused its efforts towards being a world class hospital that exceeds the expectations of its international patients.

  • With highly advanced medical infrastructure, broad knowledge base, medical expertise and extensive integration, Kukreja Hospital makes an ideal partner for international patients seeking affordable treatment away from their homes. The hospital offers globally benchmarked healthcare services administered by surgeons and physicians trained in various international medical practices.

  • Additionally, the hospital offers a host of exclusive services for its international patients including E-consultation with specialists and all necessary travel arrangements like airport pickup and hospital transfer services, arranging lodging for attendants, connectivity through mobile phones and Wi-Fi connectivity within the hospital premises